Dental Implants

A dental implant is never "just an implant." It is the opportunity of regaining lost health, aesthetics and the confidence that comes with it. And this is a one time only opportunity. Make it count! We must see implants as components of future teeth. Dental implants are the infrastructure of oral health and aesthetics when teeth are no longer there. In our view diagnosis, planning and integration of the implant surgery in the architecture of a treatment plan are just as important, if not more important than the surgery itself. For this reason we plan the final smile and the entire treatment sequence before any surgery. This approach drives us to correctly plan the ideal position of the dental implants and the ideal timing in the treatment sequence. This planning can be materialised into surgical guides for complex cases. This way the surgery is precise, predictable and safe.

Immediate Placement

Get the job done without extra trips, without being referred around from one place to another. All treatment options are available in one place, all possible investigations, planning and diagnostic tools, all under one roof, under one vision.


If you are afraid of surgeries, you are not the only one. It is normal; however, this should not prevent you from getting the treatment you need. The solution for this kind of problem is a simple one. Surgeries can be performed under sedation, a state of induced sleep that completely eliminates discomfort and anxiety.

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Digitally planned and guided surgeries

Surgery is first planned and simulated digitally. A surgical guide will be 3D printed for more complex cases.


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Muaks Dental Choice

Nobel Biocare - made in Switzerland - world leader in implant dentistry. Assuring The Excellence, there is no place for mistakes. High quality and reputable implant manufacturer, implant systems for all situations, whatever the indication, Nobel Biocare has a dental implant to meet your needs.

Muaks dental care, Implants Nobel Biocare. Rodrigo Castillo



trefoil system Nobel Biocare

The Trefoil™ system: Genesis of a project by Nobel Biocare

The Trefoil system embodies the Nobel Biocare objective, “to treat more patients better,” by offering a reduction in cost using a simplified clinical work flow, a standardized prefabricated framework, and minimized componentry that reduces treatment time. Learn more...

Endoret® (prgf®) Technology by BTI

It is a technology that allows the use of the organism's own resources with extraordinary results in many pathologies, effectively regenerating tissues without side effects and notably reducing the recovery period of fractures, muscular and tendinous injuries, and surgical interventions. Learn more...




Endoret BTI


Frequently asked questions

-How do I know if I am a candidate for Dental Implants?
The main consideration for determining if you are a candidate for dental implants is the amount of bone available at the site of the missing tooth. There has to be enough bone to place a dental implant at the location. If there is not enough bone volume, we can often remedy this with a bone grafting procedure. The bone grafting procedure can often be performed at the same time as the implant procedure. Another consideration we will take into account is your medical history. If you have uncontrolled medical issues that affect wound healing, these might interfere with the integration of the dental implant.

-What is the dental implant procedure?
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-Who places the dental implants?
Dr. Rodrigo Castillo is our dental implant surgeon. He has extensive experience in placing dental implants. He is also a respected international lecturer, teaching leading-edge new techniques and technology around the world. Because the entire procedure is done in-house, you can depend on a perfectly coordinated treatment from start to finish.

-What type of maintenance schedule do I need if I get dental implants?
Usually we would still like to see you for a regular 6-month check up. We may recommend more frequent check ups depending on your current oral health condition including the health of the remaining teeth.

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